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Quality of India’s natural resources, i.e., land, water, climate and biodiversity is degrading at an accelerated pace. Productive resources are being diverted from agricultural to other sectors jeopardizing the production and productivity of food grains, fiber, fodder, fuel wood, timber and other useful biomass. Development of appropriate technologies to make best use of degraded land and water resources will largely determine the prospect of food and nutritional in the 21st century.

Reclamation and management of 6.73 M ha salt affected soils and judicious use of 25% poor quality ground water resources has tremendous potential to enhance food grain production in the country. It was with this background that a Society has been formed in the name of Indian Society of Soil Salinity and Water Quality (ISSSWQ). The Society is open for any one dealing with research, development and issues related to soil salinity and water quality.

News and Highlights

National Seminar on Management of Salt Affected Soil and Waters: Challenges of the 21st Century (March 16-17, 2012)at CSSRI RRS Lucknow